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The Easiest Custom Fit Wheelchair Ramps.

The Ramp Doctor is here to help when mobility becomes an issue. We know how difficult it is to find the right ramp for your needs. With just a few photos from your phone, we can have you the perfect ramp in no time at all!

Custom Wheel Chair Ramps

3D Measured, Designed, and Delivered to your Door.

Safe and Secure

No in home visits and measuring, everything is done safely and securely from your cell phone.

Easy as Taking a Photo

With just a few photos, we can build you a custom fitting hand built ramp.

No Fuss Returns

If your ramp doesn't fit perfectly, we will personally fix it and have you back to navigating your home safely.

Mature man with disability in wheelchair having fun with wife. Family senior couple love concept
Older woman in a wheelchair
About The Ramp Doctor

We Provide Custom Built Ramps Right to Your Door From Just a Few Photos.

The custom fit wheelchair ramp will allow seniors to live more independently in their own homes and reduce the risk of accidents or falls which can help them maintain a higher quality life for longer.

Happily Age at Home

Keep you and your memories safe at home.

Manufactured in the USA

We are proud to manufacture our ramps in Houston, TX.

ADA Approved

All edges are protected so that there is no risk of falling off.

Quick Turn Around

Most of our ramps are shipped within 3 days.

How We Work

The Simplest Way to Get a Custom Ramp Delivered to Your Door.

With our team, we can make sure that your ramp is not only long-lasting but also fits seamlessly into the space you need.

  • Snap a Few Photos

    All you need is your smartphone and our easy to use website.

  • We Build your Ramp

    Using our state of the art technology, we will manufacture your custom ramp in just a few days!

  • Unbox and Install

    Our lightweight construction makes set up a breeze. Right from your doorstep to your home in seconds.

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Industry Leading Wheelchair Ramps

Trust Us To Help You or Your Loved One Age at Home.

The Ramp Doctor Team consists of factory-trained technicians, engineers, and general home maintenance professionals. All of the team members are professionals that pass an extensive background check and proudly treat The Ramp Doctor’s clients like they treat their own families – with caring respect and compassion. 


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More tips when taking photos for your custom RediRamp.

1) Remove all welcome mats, rugs, or any other objects

2) Open the door and keep it open

3) Place a gift card or credit card on the ground in front of the step (cover the numbers to keep it secure).  The gift card in the photos is our magic trick for measuring.

4) Do not zoom in or out

5) Try to capture the entire step and the gift card in every photo

6) The scene should be the same in every photo, just captured from different angles

Photo Examples